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But the truck will start if i turn the ignition to run and bypass the solenoid with a screw driver. Starter motor is goosed and jamming, which is why its blowing the fuse, it has its own trigger wire the purple wire coming from the front sam to the starter.

2005 Ford F350 6.0 diesel. Intermittent problem with no

Bad relay is most likely culprit.

Starter relay fuse keeps blowing. A red / blue stripe wire runs from the fuse to the clutch switch (manual transmission) and park/neutral switch (automatic transmission). The starter wont crank the engine when the fuse blows out. Then disconnect the starter lead and see if it blows the fuse.

The starter relay and the glow plug relay are the same. Then it blew 5 fuses in a row and i had to have towed to a shop. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to.

I have had to replace the starter relay before, and i used the glow plug relay in it's place. After that would start using the multi meter to. Discussion starter · #1 · apr 7, 2008.

It wouldn't start because the ecm didn't know if the bike was in neutral or if the clutch was pulled in with the diode disconnected. My starter relay fuse keeps on blowing. If it blows it the second you try to crank it over, its probably one of the wires between your ignition and the starter relay.

The reason its there is because the starter forms part of the drive authorisation system and needs to be switched by the sam, which is in effect another ecu in the link. Joined mar 31, 2008 · 15 posts. I noticed that when the fuse blows, and i change the fuse it blows again, but i had to change the fuse and wait til the car cools down to start again.

The shop said they isolated the problem to the fuel pump and replaced it. To determine which circuit is the troublesome one, unplug the fuel pump relay, put a fresh fuse in the #8 slot and turn the key to start the car. There is a 10 amp fuse that says starter relay that was blown.

If the car turns over, you most likely need a new fuel pump. A layman's test is to swap a relay that controls something you can test easily with the relay in question, if there is a duplicate relay in the box. A fair amount of components get power when the key is turned on.

You could have disconnected the diode, grounded the lg wire from the ecm and g/r wire from the starter relay and it probably would have started. Also, if you have problems with fuses blowing in any car in the future and need to trace down an electrical problem, there are manual reset circuit breakers available that might fit in some fuse locations. Why is my starter relay fuse blowing on my 1997 ford f150 when i turn the ignition from run to start position?

As long as the car is working , no problems even if i unplug the fuse. I'll pull the glow plug relay and see if that changes anything. After 3 to 5 years, relays are often susceptible to shorting.

What's strange is i got it to. Fuse 21 keeps blowing for the starter relay, have replaced relay, truck starts when a screwdriver is contacting both poles on the relay, have tried to trace this orange wire with a thin red stripe but there are just too many wires and it dissapears into the a wiring harness, don't know where it could be shorting out. Ron, the coil wires are brown/ground and orange/ blank for.

As stated in the cucv wiki, the starter relay is a notorious weak point of the cucv's, and the doghead starter relay mod should be taken care of asap. In case the engine gets heated repeatedly, the fuse might keep on blowing as well. I guess that frequency will increase.

Replace the starter relay in the fuse box behind the glove box. You just heard a tick sound like when the starter is totally dead. The fuse under the i/p is supposed to be 20a, and labeled starter relay & radio.

Videos you watch may be added to the tv's watch history and influence tv recommendations. That is why, whenever there is a fault in the relay, the fuse can keep on blowing. It then worked fine for months.

If it's blowing, there's a short in the winding or a short between the relay and the theft deterrent module. I have been looking at prices for replacement starters and they range from £393 + vat for a replacement from a merc dealer to £120 for a lucas service exchange. I took the relay in the fuse box out, replaced the fuse.

The starter uses an onboard the solenoid to connect to the larger battery cable a bad solenoid could cause the issue or a loose wire and an intermittent short to ground when you replace the fuse do you get a few starts before it blows ? W211 starter relay fuse keeps blowing. Switch may also be bad internally.

With the key turned on (but don't try to start the engine), the light will glow whenever the short is present. It started out doing it once every couple of months and would always start with a second fuse. The shorting of any component in the circuit can lead to the fuse blowing out.

My car intermittently blows the starter fuse when starting. I put another one in, and when i turned key on, it blew before even trying to start. It that the starter relay fuse keeps blowing.

When i turned on blow, and. If the fuse blows, you most likely need a. A lot of people on this site.

The fuse only powers the control coil portion of the starter relay. Ron, the coil wires are brown/ground and orange/ blank for batter pos to coil of remote solenoid. If that's the fuse that is blowing, my previous message applies.

Would start with checking the ignition switch connections. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. If contacts are corroded/worn the fuse is trying to power the starter motor.

It protects the circuit that powers the relay coil. To date my fuse has blown 3 times from approx. It takes about 15 minutes and the relay is pretty cheap.

You also disabled the starter relay. Now start wiggling the wires of the circuit fed by that fuse while watching the light. Pull the battery wire off solenoid and see what happens when you try and engage starter.

When the contacts are in good condition, they pass current back through the double solenoid windings and reduce draw through fuse.

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