Gas Fireplace Does Not Start

If the gas is on, and the pilot hasn't been lit in a couple months, you'll need to. There are several issues that might prevent a gas fireplace from igniting.

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Many models have a battery backup that can be used to light the pilot during a.

Gas fireplace does not start. Gas fireplaces normally come to life with the flick of a switch. Aa aa • this unit is not for use with solid fuel Contemporary and traditionally styled regency fireplace designs include straightforward ignition systems.

I have a lennox propane gas fireplace, model edr3530, that was installed in 2000. Remember that if the pilot light does not come on after repeated attempts, you may have to troubleshoot your gas fireplace. If it does not, turn the gas control valve to off and call your dealer.

The pilot light for a gas fireplace can be blown out by a sudden downdraft or by wind. Videos you watch may be added to. No transmission (motor doesn’t turn) the motor of the gas fireplace will not turn for several reasons.

Simply put, a fireplace wall switch is a toggle switch that opens or closes the circuit between the thermopile and the gas valve. • the pilot flame must contact the thermopile and thermocouple (see the illustration to the left). Besides those gas fireplace issues, you may also experience the following valor fireplace problems over time.

Make sure that the emergency gas valve is turned to the closed position as well. Metal or antenna surrounds the receiver which reduces the transmission range Depending on the type of gas fireplace you own, you may have a remote or receiver that run on batteries.

If you’re working with a fireplace key, place the key into the slot. If gas is reaching the fireplace, but it still won’t light, the next step is to light the gas jets on the gas logs, manually, following the manufacturer’s instructions. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try.

Hold the pilot button down for a couple of minutes to purge out any trapped air. If this is what happened, turn the pilot light back on. Main burners will not start.

The on/off switch may remain in the off position. Perhaps it is already on, but the gas hasn’t been ignited in awhile. You set the thermostat too low or it may get defective.

While if it is on a breaker, turn the breaker all the way off and then back on again. If your fireplace isn’t starting, follow these steps. The main burners of your travis industries gas fireplace will not start for the following reasons:

Turn the control knob to the on position : The thermocouple is often found in older gas fireplaces and the number one issue related to these is that they aren’t hooked up correctly, or not properly secured. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Check the main gas valve to make sure the gas is turned on. My pilot light is starting to give problems. If the gas fireplace has a blower or fan, it will need electricity, but you should still be able to generate heat without it.

Heatilator® gas fireplace troubleshooting video. Once this is done, you will now be able to easily switch your gas fireplace on or off using either a remote control device or a switch on the wall. First off, inspect the pilot light.

If your gas fireplace has an electronic ignition check or replace the fuse. Check the wires, screws, and tubing to see if everything is in the proper places. Thermopiles are a bit newer and are often found in the latest models of gas fireplaces.

First, take a look at the main valve to confirm that the gas is on. Keeping your fireplace on a single breaker will ensure that your fireplace won’t trip a breaker, or blow a fuse. If these check out, it could be overloaded fuses or breakers, an obstruction, a gas pressure issue, moisture in the gas line, or clogged burner ports.

Regency offers two separate types of ignition systems. Why won’t my gas fireplace start? If the gas fireplace pilot light is on but won’t start check that your gas valve is turned on and check the fuse or breakers.

For those who’re new to the world of gas fireplaces, we’ll start with the very basics. The gas line may be open but there may be no more gas or perhaps a utility payment got lost in the mail and it was cut off. If the fireplace has a control panel that you can access, turn the knob to “off.”.

Sometimes this is an easy way to fix a gas fireplace that won’t turn on. > the pilot light flame must hit the thermocouple correctly, or the voltage the thermocouple generates may not be enough to operate the main gas valve, while it. If the batteries in either of.

Here are some potential causes: • if the main burners do not start correctly turn the gas off at the gas control valve and call your dealer for service. Below are some common problems with gas fireplaces and how to fix them:

You’ll then turn the valve until it’s. Batteries of the fireplace go out or dead;

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