It tricks the system by modifying the charging system. Our patented technology is the only product that will disable start/stop in ford and gm vehicles without reprogramming your ecu!

Ford F-150 2015-2020 Disable Auto Startstop Feature – Toggle On And Off Permanently Version 2 – Youtube

This video of a guy with a raptor shows how he disabled auto start/stop by removing disconnecting a cable from under the dash.

Ford auto start stop disable. Those that choose to do so will receive a $50 credit and will presumably see their trucks being delivered a little sooner, due to supply constraints. For push button start vehicles, this product will still work but. 1.0.1 how does it work?

I have to manually press ok to get rid of the message. 1.0.6 does it really save gas? So every time i start my vehicle, i get a message on my dash that says, charging system service soon.

When you take your foot off of the brake, the engine is restarted with the transmission already in gear. The autostop eliminator is an intelligent plug & play device for your vehicle. What he unhooks maybe just the auto.

In reality, the savings of this feature is negligible with everyday use. This is not a permanent change, you will have to deactivate it each time you start your vehicle. When these two things occur, the engine stops entirely and disengages the transmission, effectively shifting it to neutral.

“the following has been reported to disable auto start/stop: I disabled auto start stop through forscan but it is not a very elegant solution. Your car will react when you tell it to.

This is what our module will do for us each time the truck is started. Seems to work and i am going to try it and report any other issues. The range start/stop disabler prevents your vehicle from shutting off and restarting every time you come to a stop in traffic.

When you apply the brakes and come to a complete stop, like at a red light, your engine automatically shuts off.

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